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Autonomy™ Lapro-Angle™ Articulating Laparoscopic Instruments Granted CE Mark

Leader In Single Port Access Surgery Achieves Another Milestone


    Framingham, MA – July 28, 2008 – Cambridge Endo, a pioneer in the rapidly emerging Single Port Access surgery market, is pleased to announce that it has been granted a CE Mark for its innovative Autonomy™ Lapro-Angle™ Articulating Laparoscopic Instruments.

    In traditional laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon makes four to six “keyhole” incisions, inserts instrumentation into each “keyhole” and performs the surgery. This represented a major advance over the pain, scarring and long recovery times associated with open surgery. Nevertheless, the patient is left with the cosmetic, pain and recovery time issues associated with four to six incisions.

    According to Woojin Lee, president and founder, “Single Port Access surgery has been called ‘scarless surgery.’ In single port surgery, only one incision is made through the umbilicus (belly button) instead of four to six incisions. All of the instruments go through this single ‘keyhole.’ To maneuver effectively in such a restricted space, the surgeon must have highly maneuverable instrumentation. Traditional straight laparoscopic instruments are inadequate.” Continued Lee, “With the ability to articulate, rotate and lock, our Autonomy™ Lapro-Angle™ instruments vastly improve the surgeon’s dexterity in tight spaces. We believe that our Autonomy™ Lapro-Angle™ instruments will be the enabling technology that drives the rapid uptake of this major advance in surgery.

    Recently, the 11th donor kidney was removed through a single port access procedure at the Cleveland Clinic. According to the clinic, the return to work time for single port surgery donors is about 17 days vs. 51 for traditional multi-incision laparoscopic procedures. Lee commented, “This shows that even complicated, delicate procedures can be performed utilizing the single port approach. We believe that a large proportion of the 2.5 million laparoscopic procedures currently performed in the U.S. will convert to the single port access technique due to the compelling patient benefits that it offers. With the CE Mark in place, surgeons in Europe will now be able to offer this exciting technique to their patients.”

    About Cambridge EndoCambridge Endo is a privately held medical device company that designs, develops and manufactures innovative articulating laparoscopic instruments. The Autonomy™ Lapro-Angle™ product line is an enabling technology for Single Port Access surgery. Autonomy™ articulating instruments are also used in many traditional laparoscopic procedures in general surgery, bariatric, urology, gynecology and other medical specialties.