Autonomy Laparo-Angle Articulating Instrument Technology: Enabling Visualization, Access & Control in Single Port Laparoscopy

Experience the revolutionary movement that brings MIS surgeons more freedom in operation. Introducing Autonomy™ Laparo-Angle™ Articulating Instruments from Cambridge Endo. Their unique, articulating tips offer seven degrees of freedom for access to difficult areas and for tip positioning and control; a truly enabling value in Single Port Laparoscopy / Single Incision Laparoscopy.

Hand-held Autonomy™ Laparo-Angle™ Articulating Instruments map, in exact proportion, the motion of the hand holding the instrument. Together with Axial Rotation Knob and exclusive "Angle" Locking Mechanism, all within the control of one-hand, you'll experience unprecedented comfort and optimal control.


Full Control In The Palm Of Your Hand

Unprecedented Access And Control


Based on 14 issued and 24 pending patents, Autonomy's advanced technology provides:

  • Seven degrees of freedom, allowing unprecedented access to the most difficult to reach areas.
  • Full articulation that maps the surgeon's hand motions.
  • A tip that can rotate 360° around its axis for precise positioning.
  • The capability of performing simultaneous actions such as articulating downward while rotating.
  • The handle that locks at any angle and rotates.